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228 Days of Wisdom is a daily devotional book filled with wise words which will help you to stand on the Word of God. You will develop a more intimate and loving relationship with God as you spend more time with Him on a daily basis. In 228 Days of Wisdom, you will learn:
The importance of loving God, yourself, and others.
How to avoid the spirit of pride.
How to overcome worry and fear.
How to pray your way out of the storms of life.
How to remain steadfast through trails, and lots more.

ISBN: 978-0-9929924-0-8

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Books, Messages and Teachings

All of Pamela Daniels teachings are recorded live and are available for sale. They are sometimes available both on CD and DVD's or sometimes only available on CD. CD's cost GDP3.00 each and DVD's cost GDP5.00. Her book Triumphant in the Lord cost GDP12.95 each.

Product catalogues are available free of charge for anyone who is interested, they can also be viewed on this website. Her first book Triumphant in the Lord can be purchased directly from Pamela Daniels via our U.K address or via telephone.

Postage and Packaging Charges

Postage for Triumphant in the Lord is free of charge to anywhere in the U.K except to Northern Ireland and Scotland where an additional 10% charge per total amount of order must be added for postage and packaging. However, an additional charge of 1.50 must be added to the price of the cost for each book entitled 228 Days of Wisdom for postage and packaging to any place in the U.K except to Northern Ireland and Scotland where the rules below apply. The same additional 10%charge of total products ordered must also be applied for all other products ordered which are to be delivered to Northern Ireland and Scotland.

51 Keys to Effective Prayer which is 5.99 including postage and packaging to anywhere in the U.K except Scotland and Northern Ireland

However, U.K residents must pay an additional 10% charge of total goods for postage and packaging for all other products ordered. Countries outside of the U.K must pay an additional 40% of the total amount of their orders for postage and packaging for all products ordered. We will not be held responsible for any additional charges made by any other person for example Customs, Inland Revenue or any delivery service may charge.

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