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228 Days of Wisdom is a daily devotional book filled with wise words which will help you to stand on the Word of God. You will develop a more intimate and loving relationship with God as you spend more time with Him on a daily basis. In 228 Days of Wisdom, you will learn:
The importance of loving God, yourself, and others.
How to avoid the spirit of pride.
How to overcome worry and fear.
How to pray your way out of the storms of life.
How to remain steadfast through trails, and lots more.

ISBN: 978-0-9929924-0-8

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Prices for books, CD, and DVD'S Posted to England and Northern Ireland

All of Pamela Daniels teachings are recorded live and are available for sale. They are sometimes available both on CD and DVD's or sometimes only available on CD. CD's cost GDP3.00 each and DVD's cost GDP5.00 plus 1.00 postage and packaging in England except for Northern Ireland where an additional cost of 1.70 for each CD or DVD must be paid for postage and packaging.

Postage and packaging for each additional CD or DVD to Northern Ireland cost 1.00 and to England an additional 50 pence. Her book Triumphant in the Lord (revised edition) cost GDP10.99 each. Postage and packaging for Triumphant in the Lord (revised edition) is free to anywhere in England expect to Northern Ireland where an additional 3.00 must be paid for postage and packaging.

  • 228 Days of Wisdom cost GDP 8.00 plus 1.30 for postage and Packaging.

  • 51 Keys to Effective Prayer cost GDP4.75 plus 1.00 for postage and Packaging.

  • God is willing to make you whole cost GDP6.00 plus 1.10 for postage and Packaging.

  • Receiving Comfort from God and Overcoming Grief cost 6.99GDP plus 1.30 for postage and Packaging.

Please note that customers wishing to purchase our books from other countries can purchase them directly from Amazon. Thanks for your purchases

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