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Receiving Comfort from God and Overcoming Grief is a must read for everyone who has experienced the sudden, tragic death of a loved one and who is struggling to come to terms with it, dealing with guilt, depression, condemnation, and suicidal thoughts. You will want to read this book if you are wondering: Why did this happen? Why me? If God is Almighty, all-knowing, and so good, why did he allow this horrible tragedy to happen? Such painful experiences may have made you bitter and resentful towards God, leading you to wonder if God really ever loved you. In this book you will learn:
That your joy will increase when you take your mind off your problems and focus on helping others That God does not steal, kill, or destroy That God is the source of all good, never your problems That God loves you unconditionally, despite how you feel How to forgive others How to deal with grief and overcome it How to over come guilt, depression, condemnation, and suicidal thoughts And many more biblical truths.
ISBN: 978-0-9929924-3-9

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